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An Unprecedented Event

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Brethren and All, this last month has been surreal. There has never been a point in my nearly forty years on this planet that I would have foreseen an event like this COVID-19 virus. It’s almost difficult to grasp the heavy reality of this. However, we know the reality of this virus as it is affecting businesses, plummeting our stock markets, but more sadly it’s robbing us of thousands of lives. In some cases, these are our Brothers, fighting this battle on the front lines. Brother Antonino Buttafuoco was recently a casualty of COVID-19. Despite the known dangers of this virus, Bro. Antonino was a doctor who continued to serve his community of Bergamo, Italy until succumbing to COVID-19 symptoms on March 18th. He was 66 years old. Please keep his family in your hearts & minds as we go forward.

On the flip side of this virus, we are seeing the good in people. Despite being separated by quarantines across the world, people are coming together. We see online videos of people playing music together, singing together, and reaching out to each other to check on the well-being of their friends, family members, and neighbors. Although Masonic activities are being suspended across the world to promote social distancing, now more than ever, we need to come together. We must check on each other, talk to each other, and ensure that our basic needs are being met. Along with reaching out, I encourage each Brother to take 30-60 minutes a day, if possible, to read/study ritual or other Masonic literature. If you can’t do that, listen to a Masonic podcast as there are several that offer great content to expand your Masonic education. I’ll share a few podcast stations below that I have listened to in the past.

We will come out of this stronger and better than we were before. Through plagues, natural disasters, and historic events which challenged the resolve of humanity, Freemasonry has survived and thrived. COVID-19 is one more thing that will bring us together in Brotherly love. Please, take a moment today, tomorrow, each day to reach out to a Brother. Just say hi and ask how they are doing. We all need this right now.

Please be safe Brothers. Like much of you, I am eager for this to pass so we can return to lodge and continue our service to each other and our communities.

Three Distinct Knocks:

Whence Came You:

The Winding Stairs:

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