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Our lodge events include stated lodge meetings, charitable fundraisers, community service, and many more activities. Although it's understood that our members have busy schedules, the more participants avalible for these events, the better we can serve.

Stated meetings occur on the third Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and August. Dinner precedes stated meetings, beginning at 6:30pm and meetings beginning at 7:30pm. All are welcome to attend dinner.

Below is a detailed list of upcoming and past events involving our lodge.

Upcoming Events

Stated Meeting

Oct. 17

Refreshment: 6:30pm


Special Communication

To be announced.


"A Free Mason Composed of the Materials of his Lodge"

Credited to J. Coles, of Salem, MA

Special Guests

Past Events

On September 19th, Lilac Assembly No. 157 of the Rainbow for Girls visited our Lodge and gave the Puzzle Presentation.


On May 16, the University High School Lirico Choir performed for the benefit of the Lodge, our guests, and the enrichment of our community. 

On April 18th, Brother Jordan Sherwood delivered his proficiency for consideration by the Lodge, and his work was met with resounding applause. He shall be passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft next month.


Pictured here is Jordan Sherwood and Lucas Walsh


On the evening of January 10th, 2023, Spokane Lodge No. 34 conducted the 143rd Installation of Officers. Worshipful Brother Lucas Walsh is now in the East as Spokane Lodge No. 34's Worshipful Master, along with the new Officer Line.

We have moved! Spokane Lodge No. 34 has officially relocated to the new downtown Spokane Masonic Center located at 506 W. Second Ave. Brothers who wish to visit may do so during any of our stated meetings. Parking passes will be provided for the lot north of the building.

We are ever thankful for the folks at Audubon Park Lodge for their gracious hospitality while we utilized their lodge for the past few years.

Spokane Freemasons

Pictured here is the newly opened downtown Spokane Masonic Lodge

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